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Demo Login Instructions

Follow these four simple steps to create a four-hour private demo site. In the demo site, you can take the escape web manager for a test run and make all the changes you wish. After your test run please contact us at info@mooshable.com with any questions or comments as we are always looking to improve our product.

Step 1

Click one of the demo buttons on the home page.

Step 2

Enter your email address and click the Launch Your Site button. Your email address is only used to send a link and the credentials to log in.

Step 3

Wait as the elves build the demo site.

Step 4

In the last step, you will see your credentials. Click the Magic Login button to enter the demo.

The demo site is valid for 4 hours after that the site is destroyed.

Home Page Sections

Here we will go over the sections that are used to build the homepage of the demo site. Your real website will follow a similar structure. Click the pulsating circles to see the descriptions of each section.

Announcement Bar

This is the Announcement Bar. It can be hidden if no announcement is needed.

Hero Section

This is the Hero Section. This is the first section a user will see and the most important part of your website. Most of the interactions happen "above the fold". So we focus on your name/logo, a clear call to action, and a button to your rooms. You have control over changing the content of those three areas. 

Announcement Section

The Announcement Section. This is a bigger section that allows you to add a background image and more descriptive text.

Room Listing Section

The Room Listing Section. This is one of three areas your room's details will appear. The more rooms you have the longer the list will be. The room listings give the most important information about your rooms. 

Google Reviews Section

Your Google Review Section. Love them or hate them your reviews are very important. This section is optional and can be hidden. The Google API only allows us to show five reviews. Only three are shown at a time and the rest will scroll horizontally. 

Photo Gallery Section

Photo Gallery Section. This section is also optional and can be hidden. Control what and how many images are shown. Each image opens up to a larger image when clicked.

Location Section

Location Section. Here we show an image of your storefront, Google map, your address, and a short blurb of text about your location if needed.

Footer Section

The Footer Section. This section appears on every page of your website. Your hours of operation appear here as well as a link to your rooms and a link to review your rooms on Morty.

COMING SOON! EWM Admin Walkthrough Videos

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