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It is like snuggling up and reading a good book. Well maybe to us!

Who We Are?

We are escape room enthusiasts first and foremost and hopefully future owners someday. Escape Web Manager was created as a personal project but we also saw a way to help out Escape Rooms owners by providing professionally designed, affordable, and simple-to-maintain escape room websites.

I have spent the last 30 years working in the advertising and marketing field. I worked on everything from print and web design to managing hosting environments and running large format sign companies.  All these endeavors I believe have played perfectly into the escape room business.

What does the name mooshable mean you may ask. It is a term used by an escape room builder and friend when referring to creating a wall that could expand or contract a little to get a perfect fit during the build process. I liked that word so much that I registered the domain the next day with no idea how or why I would ever use it. The word stuck with me and when I started working on the structure of EWM the word resonated in my head. The idea behind EWM was to allow an owner to easily add new content... GROW and remove content... SHRINK without having to know anything about coding a website or having to contact their web designer to make changes.

What we are not:
EWM is not an escape room, booking software, or room management software it is strictly a website platform.
We are not salespeople. We are designers that love escape rooms and believe our Escape Web Admin can help escape room owners with their day-to-day business.

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What We Do:

Escape room owners we know and have met over the years would rather manage their businesses and create new experiences for their customers. Spending time trying to put together a website on Wix, Weebly, Square Space, etc. takes time away from their goals.  Although those companies all provide a great service and are sometimes free they require time to maintain and keep up to date. That is where we come in. Mooshable will design a professional-looking website that provides a consistent look and feel throughout the entire site. On the server side, we monitored, back up, and keep the website secure and up to date without you spending valuable time and effort.

The backend of Escape Web Manager allows the owner to add and update the most important parts of the website. Including:

  • Adding and removing entire rooms or altering an existing room's text, images, or videos.
  • If you are moving locations or hopefully adding a new location you can do that with ease within a few minutes.
  • Need to change your hours or have special holiday hours that need to be updated? One quick alteration in the EWM admin changes it everywhere on your website.
  • If you decide to change your booking software for any reason? The admin allows you to change out the custom URL they provide and be up and running quickly.
  • And more to come.
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What mooshable offers every client:

Custom Design:
Each Escape Room website receives a custom design that leverages our Escape Web Manager. EWM allows each client to add or change content to their website easily. From new locations, additional rooms, and changing business hours all can be done within minutes with EWM. We do not have or offer templated websites our goal is to create a unique design for each client. We additionally offer logo and poster design for your escape room business.

We host all of our client websites on Google's cloud infrastructure to ensure fast and reliable service. Currently hosting with us is mandatory.

Each website includes an SSL certificate:
An SSL secures your website between the customer and your site. It also boosts your SEO score. Google has been encouraging a safer Internet by boosting SEO rankings for websites using SSLs.

Mooshable takes your website and data very seriously. We offer redundant daily backups. Our first daily backup is done at the host level and stored for 30 days. Our second daily backup is stored off-site and kept for 90 days. Off-site backups allow us to restore your website just in case any unforeseeable events happen at the hosting level.

Content Delivery Network:
What is a CDN? A CDN provides high availability and performance by distributing your website across a network of servers. Our CDN stores a copy of your entire website that resides on five continents and on six states in the U.S. In order for the website to utilize our CDN your domain nameserver (DNS) needs to be pointed to our servers. If none of that makes sense, do not worry. That is what we are here for.

Site Scanner:
Malicious traffic is an enormous problem that affects every single website that is online today. We provide 24/7 protection against malware and bots.

Search Engine Optimization:
We do not offer SEO services but we do build every site with SEO in mind. We optimize every website to score well on Google Page Speed and make every page SEO-friendly.

Email Hosting:
This is our philosophy on all hosting in general. When it comes to your domain name, website hosting, and email hosting as the old saying goes do not put all your eggs in one basket. We believe that goes for hosting services as well. Each service should be handled by separate companies. This allows you to always have control of your business and not allow any company to hold a service hostage on you. That said, we strongly recommend using a service like Rackspace Email, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), or Amazon WorkMail to handle email service for your business.

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